Life Coaching differs from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy and counseling. You make it work for you!

Think of why you would select a personal trainer in the gym.  You may have specific physical goals that require a focussed, disciplined, structured, timed programme in order to reach them. You would rely on the knowledge and inspiration of your trainer to present you with choices, track results and reach your goals safely. Right?

Life Coaching is pretty much the same.  You may have specific goals, situations or transitions in your business or personal life that need identification and clarity, and then require direction, planning and action  in order to be achieved. You would rely on your coach to present you with choices, track results and reach your goals effectively. 

The partnership between you and your Life Coach is a dynamic and progressive one that  addresses specific challenges or conditions in your life.   Coaching concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future  by examining the immediate situation, discovering what your obstacles  are, and choosing a course of action to fulfil your life, overcome challenges and confidently achieve your goals, and beyond. Coaching focuses on moving forward into the future, not reviewing, focusing on or drawing from the past. 

You may be a newly appointed executive who wants to realign your life/work balance or improve your public speaking or report-writing skills, you may be a student who wants to improve study methods and time management, you may be wanting to freshen and revive a personal or business relationship, you may be wishing to change jobs, unclutter your home or life, have more time with your kids, create a harmonious relationship with your teenager.  All of this is possible.  You know the answers.  I am there to facilitate the process for you to successfully and responsibly make the changes.

Structures, models and methodologies vary according to the challenge at hand and are largely tailored exclusively for you, but essentially the following broad framework would be used:

  • Establish the situation to be addressed
  • Understand and identify the desired results of change
  • Uncover the obstacles preventing or hindering the change
  • Establish the competencies necessary to achieve the change 
  • Explore and document the actions necessary to achieve the change
  • Establish a time-line in which the desired change could be achieved by
  • Manage the change process by appointing accountability and tasks necessary to achieve the result
  • Evaluate the success of the programme 





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