Coaching only works if you put effort into it.

So you need to be willing to commit time, focus and effort into your programme in order to effect change in your life.  I am there to support you through the process and keep you on track.

Before we begin, we will discuss which areas in your life you wish to target for improvement. I may ask you to complete a confidential questionnaire and/or assessment.  This will help us both establish the exact areas in which we will work together. We will then develop an action plan to achieve your goals by the end of the programme. In some cases I may recommend that you have a  physical medical check-up. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to be healthy!


Executive Coaching & Consulting relates to making personal improvements and achieving personal goals specifically in the workplace.  This may be as simple as reorganising your office, personal information system, schedule or time management to documenting your business plan and budget.  It could be to overcome a fear of confrontation or public speaking, or to improve your communication skills with your team. It could be to prepare yourself for a promotion, change careers completely or to re-enter the workforce after a period of absence. They are personal improvements you wish to make in order to improve your work life.  One-on-one or group company sessions are offered.

Life Coaching relates to improvements you wish to make in your personal life.  These may also impact on your work life.  This may be to improve your work-life balance or your relationship with your teens.  It may be to adjust behaviours that have been limiting your development or improve particular areas in your relationships.  You may wish to improve your health or lifestyle choices, or increase your social skills, personal awarness and networking. You may need to manage your finances more efficiently. Overall, you will gain clarity and the confidence you need to make the changes necessary to achieve the goals you desire, and trust yourself in the process.


Before we start we will hold a short discussion on the telephone, Skype or email about your goals and what you wish to achieve.  I only take on cases where I am able to support you to make the changes you want in your life.  I will honestly tell you if I am unable to take your case and where possible, will make recommendations as to where to find the assistance you need. There is no charge for this discussion.

One we agree to work together, we will schedule a weekly 40-minute telephone or Skype call. You will be responsible for calling me at the agreed times.  You will also have unlimited email access to me during your programme.

During the week, you are likely to  have some excercises and or tasks and or activities to do in order to reach your goals at the end of the programme.  We will discuss the progress of these tasks and set new ones for the forthcoming week.

The weekly phone call, tasks to complete and unlimited email access is referred to as a "session".  Please refer to the Fees and Payment page for prices of Sessions or email Jan with your questions.



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